Research interests
Arithmetic algebraic geometry, Langlands program, moduli spaces of bundles, geometric representation theory

Current appointment
Since 2019: Professor, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

2006-2014: Diploma and PhD in Mathematics, Bonn University, Germany
Advisor: Michael Rapoport

Selected publications

  • The Test Function Conjecture for Parahoric Local Models (with Thomas  J. Haines), Journal of the American Mathematical Society 34 (2021), 135-218.
  • The motivic Satake equivalence (with Jakob Scholbach), Mathematische Annalen 380 (2021), 1595-1653.
  • Smoothness of Schubert varieties in twisted affine Grassmannians (with Thomas  J. Haines), Duke Math. Journal 169 (2020), 3223-3260.

Awards and grants

For more information, please consult my detailed CV.