Seminar on Condensed Mathematics

This is a learning seminar about the theory of Condensed Mathematics after Clausen and Scholze. The seminar takes place online via Zoom starting on Thursday, 12 November 2020. If you like to participate and you are not already on the emailing list, please write an email to me in order to get the Zoom coordinates.


The seminar takes place on 6 Thursdays during the winter term 20/21. The exact dates are: 12.11, 26.11, 03.12, 17.12, 14.01, 28.01. Each meeting consists of two talks, 60 minutes each with a coffee break in between, and starts around 15:00 MEST (=UTC + 2). Here is the detailed program and the list of speakers:

  1. Talk: Ingmar Metzler (Darmstadt)
  2. Talk: Theresa Kumpitsch (Frankfurt)
  3. Talk: Paola Chilla (Heidelberg)
  4. Talk: Jakob Stix (Frankfurt)
  5. Talk: Gabriele Bogo (Darmstadt)
  6. Talk: t.b.a.
  7. Talk: t.b.a.
  8. Talk: Patrick Bieker (Darmstadt)
  9. Talk: Anton Güthge (Darmstadt)
  10. Talk: Can Yaylali (Darmstadt)
  11. Talk: Julian Quast (Heidelberg)
  12. Talk: Martin Möller (Frankfurt)